This is a collection of Lois Kubik stories

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The Delivery

by gbgood©


I sprawled naked on my couch, watching a adult game TV show which wasn't very online games interesting. June 15th was unusually hot. School was out for the adult games summer and I could hear young kids playing in their yards out front. A ball bounced on the cement in the basketball court across Ancy Alley behind my house. Six black hentai games teen boys, some recent adult game high school grads and some home for the summer from their first year in college, laughed and yelled as they played. I gave a quick thought to going out on my back porch, just for a minute, to see if my big white tits and pussy could stop the basketball game. I smiled as I let the thought adult game slip from my mind and went back to watching TV.

The doorbell rang and I wondered who it could be. I got up off the couch and walked over to the window. Looking out my large front window, I could see a delivery truck parked down in the street in front of my house. I wasn't expecting anything. Suddenly my eyes caught some movement on the porch. I glanced sex games to role playing games my left and saw the grinning face of a young black guy staring back at me. He was enjoying the view of my big white 42DD tits bouncing back and forth in the window. I saw him say sod a much older black man in a uniform, holding a package, stepped over window. A big smile adult game  flashed across his face too. After allowing them both a little longer look, I stepped back from the window and pulled on my short see thru baby doll nightie which I keep hanging on the door in case anyone knocks. I smiled to myself thinking this might be a fun day after all.

I opened the door and stepped into the doorway, my toes on the porch and my heels inside. Both of them stood staring and grinning.

"Hi, guys, what can I do for you?" I asked.

"Damn, mama," said the older guy, "There's lots you can do for us, specially role playing games with them big titties and that pussy adult game  showing thru that little bitty cloth you got covering them. But we is just here to deliver this package. "

"Damn, you're hot mama," said the young one.

I couldn't help grinning back at them. "So are you both here together?"

"Yea, baby, my names John and he's my helper, Billy. And the package says you're Lois Kubik, is that right?"

"Yea, that's me. So you look awful young to be working as a delivery person," I said to the young black guy.

"I turned 18 last month. I'm doing this job for the summer, till I go back to school in the fall."

Neither one of them seemed in a hurry to leave. They just kept staring at my big white tits which bounced every time I spoke or moved.

"So are you going to college?" adult game

"Naw, I failed the 10th grade. Had to take it over again. So I'll be in 12th grade this year and graduate from Oliver High School next summer. "

"Yea, I'm 64 but I can still get my dick hard," he said, laughing as he watched my white tits and pussy.

"I bet you can, I bet you both can."

Billy stepped forward suddenly and gripped the front of my nightie. "Dammit, Mami, you ain't hiding nothing with this hentai games little piece of cloth covering you. Why don't you just take it off and give us a good look and feel of what you got. "

He pulled the nightie apart, popping open the 3 little buttons holding it closed. My big tits fell out causing their eyes to open even wider. Billy put his hands on my hips and leaned his head down, sucking my left tit into his mouth. Chewing my tit, he slowly slid his black hands around my bare ass and gripped the bottom of my nightie. adult game  He tugged on it, pulling it off my adult games shoulders till it fell onto his hands and he dropped it onto the floor. I was now naked in my front doorway with Billy sucking my tit and playing with my ass.
"Now you look like you've been out of school for a while," I said, turning to look at the older black man, and letting my tits swing back and forth.

I heard John cackling as he watched. "Don't chew off her tits, Billy, I wanna fuck them big melons later." Billy walked me sex games back inside and John Shaniquah's webcomicfollowed, closing the door behind us. Billy turned me around, gripping my big white tits, and guided me where he wanted. He walked me into the dining room and kitchen, then back into the living room. John followed, adult game reaching around me and feeling my pussy.

John walked around and sat on the couch. He grinned up at me as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his black cock. Billy bent me over so my head was down in John's lap and his cock rubbed my face.

"Yea, Lois, you like my cock rubbing all over your face, don't you? Now open your mouth wide, baby, cause you are gonna swallow all 8 inches, "he said laughing.

I loved having my face pressed into his cock and balls, and smelling the sweat down there. I did as he told me and opened my mouth wide. John online games grabbed my ears and raised my head up, rubbing his cockhead against my lips. Behind me, I could feel Billy pushing his big black cock up against my ass. He gripped my ass cheeks hard and spread them wide open. He pushed his black cock up into my ass crack and grabbed my hips. As John lowered my mouth over his black cock, Billy rammed his dick up into my ass. My body slammed forward, pushing my head down into John's lap and I swallowed all 8 inches of his black meat.

I could hear Billy laughing as he pounded his cock deep into my ass. John jerked my head up and role playing games down on his cock, never letting me take it out of my mouth. My tits flopped all over as both men pounded their black cocks into both of my white holes. I loved every minute of it.

They hammered me back and forth. I thought Billy would rip my ass open he slammed his cock in me so hard. Over and over he gamespounded his meat deep into my ass. I could feel it way up inside me, big and hard.

"You love that don't you, Lois, you big fucking white ho." Billy shouted. "You only happy when you got a big black cock stuffed up your white ass and another plugging your mouth. "

Billy laughed as he grabbed my big tits and pulled on them, slamming his cock harder and deeper up my adult game  white ass. my head up and down his wet cock forcing his 8 inches deeper down my throat. He lifted my head up, letting his black meat pop out of my mouth. He grinned down at me, rubbing my face back and forth on his wet dick.

"Lois Kubik, you one big fucking white slut. You love my big black cock, don't you? Tell me, bitch, tell me how much you love it. "

"Oh yea, baby, I do love your big black cock. I love the feel and I love the taste and I love the fuck from it. Give me more, baby, please give me more. Please. "

"Yea, I'm going to give it to you. But first I want you to give my black cock a kiss. Kiss my cock like it's the love of your life, sex games bitch. "

I moved my face forward slowly till my hentai games lips touched his black meat. I kissed his cockhead gently, licking my tongue softly over it. Then I moved my lips over his cockhead kissing it deep. My tongue slipped into his cock slit n I frenched his cock slit. Next, I slid my lips down his black dick, flicking my tongue out licking and kissing all the way down. When the fuckman do and fickman di I reached the base of his cock, I slipped my tongue out under his black balls and sucked them into my mouth. Meanwhile, my whole body shook as Billy kept fucking my ass.

I was loving every minute of it. They were so good. Finally, John pulled my head up and shoved my mouth adult game back down on his black cock.

"Swallow my cum load now, Lois," he said as he pumped my head up and down faster and harder. It happened all at once. I felt a blast of wet liquid fill my ass as Billy shouted. Then suddenly my mouth filled with John's cum juice as he pounded my face faster n faster.

"Drink it all, Lois, drink every drop. Swallow it you white slut."

Billy began to slow down as he emptied his cock into my ass. I could feel some cum running down my legs. Then Billy put his cock up on my ass and shot a little more cum over my ass. John pulled his cock out of my mouth and gripped it in his hands. Stroking fast, he shot a big cum load over my face then rubbed his cock in it and all over my face to. Finally, they both emptied their dicks in me and on me and I thought we were through. I started to stand up, but Billy grabbed my hair and twisted me into a crouching position.

"Not so fast, Lois, we ain't though yet," Billy said as he guided me out into the kitchen. "How bout it, John, it's dinner time ain't it? "

"Oh yea, Billy, and let's make Lois our dinner."

Billy pushed me backward and lifted me up laying me down flat on the kitchen table. Billy came round to the side of the table and dropped his online games pants. He twisted my head so I was staring right at his black cock and balls. I could see past him through the open back door out onto the porch. I heard the voices of the black guys playing basketball across the alley.

"Now, Lois, lick my cock n get it hard bitch. Make it good and hard so you can give me a good blow job."

He shoved his cock into my mouth and I started sucking and licking. I slurped and sucked making all the right mouth moves to get his black cock adult games hard and filling my mouth for him. John got between my legs and I felt his cock sliding all over my pussy and ass. It was getting hard all ready. He pulled my legs wide open and stuffed it deep up in my pussy. Holding my legs, Sociolotron John started fucking my online games pussy hard and driving his black meat deep inside me. Now they worked me over from both ends. I was a sandwich, white meat on rye and I loved it.

For the next ten minutes my body shook and shuddered as they made me their white fuck meat. Finally, role playing games first Billy, then John dumped their big cum loads in me. When they finished pumping, I lay on the table with my hands spread out and my open legs hanging off the end.

John and Billy pulled on their pants and got ready to leave. I still just lay on the table all used and feeling great. I saw Billy whisper something to John and they both laughed. Billy pulled me up off the table to face them.

John went in the room and came back with a clipboard. He handed it to me.

"You got to sign this form, Lois. It says we delivered your package and our cum loads to Ms Lois Kubik on Woodland Street on the Northside. "

John and Billy laughed at me as I smiled and signed the form for them. Just then Billy grabbed me by my arms and pulled me out the back door onto my back porch. He held my arms showing my naked body to the black boys across the street.

"Yo, hey bros, this here is Lois Kubik and we is through with her but she still wants to play. You brothas got any game for her? "

I watched as the ball bounce away on the basketball hentai games court as all 6 black boys came running over and up into my yard. They charged sex games up onto my porch.

"You fuckin right, bro, we gonna play with her."

"We got game for this white bitch, she be playing all weekend."

They all laughed. Billy released one arm and grabbed my hair, forcing me down onto my knees.

"Tell them what you like, Lois, go ahead tell them."

"I like young black cocks, all I can get. I really do."

"And tell them how you like it, Lois. Go ahead, tell them how you like being used."

The six young black guys were laughing as they pulled their black cocks out of their pants and started rubbing them all over my face. John and Billy laughed at me knowing what they set me up for.

"You boys are going to show Ms Kubik some good game ain't you?" asked John.

"This white ho gonna be naked and playing all week end," said one of the boys while three others were on their cell phones calling adult games friends to come over.

"Well then, we is done here," said John, as he and Billy grinned at me. They both turned and walked into my kitchen and disappeared as the first black cock slipped over my lips and into my mouth. Oh well, I wanted some fun and I knew I was going to get it. As I tasted the black cock in my mouth and felt my tits being pulled and twisted, I knew I was going to love role playing games online games every minute of it.

--The End--




The Present

by gbgood©

When you're divorced, 34 years old, and you have a gorgeous 25 year old blond hunk for a boyfriend, you do anything to hold on to him. So for Ray's birthday, I gave him something special. I sent myself to him as a birthday gift.

I work sex games for a company that delivers singing greetings for birthdays and holidays. So, on Friday evening, I was sitting in the back of one of our delivery vans wearing only a red bow around my neck, a pair of shoes, and a raincoat.

The driver hentai games announced I'd be delivered next. I took off my coat and shoes, exposing my white flesh in the dimly lit van, and climbed into one of the company's large boxes, which I'd decorated like a present. I hunched down into a squatting position and pulled the lid down tight on the box.

I felt the van slow down, and just creep along. The driver was new to the company, and to Pittsburgh. I assumed he was making sure of the right address. After about five minutes, the van stopped and the motor shut down. I felt the box dragged onto the hydraulic lift, then I rode to the ground. I swayed back and forth, as the dolly slid underneath me. At last, I tilted backward and rode up to the front of my boyfriend's house.

The driver shouted sex games he had a package for this address, then my boobs bounced wildly as the box jolted over the doorstep and settled down on the floor. I was soaked with sweat and couldn't wait to get out of this box.

I heard muffled voices then the door slammed which meant the hentai games driver was gone. Suddenly, I stood straight up, popping the lid off the Shaniquah's webcomicbox, role playing games and began to sing Happy Birthday to my boyfriend. I stopped cold at the end of the first line, as I looked into the grinning faces of 4 old, black men.

"I, I think I'm in the wrong place," I stammered.

"Not at all," said the man next to me, "my name's Marvin, and I'm 71 today. My friends and I was just celebrating my birthday."

He waved the can of beer in his hand at the three other men grinning and whistling at me. He leaned forward and read the tag on the bow online games around my neck, "Happy birthday, darling. I'm your present. I'm a hot and horny Lois Kubik doll. Squeeze me and tease me, then watch how much fun I can be. Love, Lois."

Marvin swigged his beer, then grinned at me and said, "Lois, your big titties and white pussy is the nicest gift I could get. Come on, boys, let's play with my Lois Kubik doll."

I was lifted out of the box and laid out on the floor, then all four studs undressed. Two of them attacked my 42 inch tits with their lips, tongues and teeth. They sucked and chewed my cherry red nipples, and crushed and squeezed my boobs with their hands, driving me crazy. I got hold of their peckers and pumped them while they ate my melons.

A third stud spread my thighs and prodded the lips of my love mound with his thick, dick. I felt his cum drops wet my cunt hair. adult games My pussy was making it's own love juice, as these guys did their thing to me.

He grabbed my cunt lips, stretching my pussy wide open, then grinned down at my wet, pink playground. I felt his cock head slip inside and slide around the edge of my pussy. "Okay, Mama," he said, "now take me for a ride." Then he drove his black, hot rod deep into my horny cunt. I screamed with joy as inch after inch went into my pussy. Finally, I felt his body pressed tight between my legs.

"Yea, baby," I shouted online games , "fuck my love hole, ride me hard."

He drove me like a racecar, pounding his big, black cock into me and lifting my bare ass off the floor and slamming it back down with every thrust. I loved every minute of it. I never realized getting fucked could be this great. I didn't think there was anything more they could do to me to make it any better, but I was wrong.

A pair of hands grabbed my brown hair on either side of my head. Looking up I saw Marvin kneeling over me. He shifted his body, sliding forward so his bare ass was above my forehead and his cock and balls lay on my face. His black cock was about 8 inches long, and thick like a fat sausage. His dick and balls were covered with sweat, and I loved the salty flavor as I licked them clean.

He rolled his fat piece of meat back and forth across my face, driving me wild with desire. I tried sucking his black love wand into my mouth, but each time he'd slide it away, making me chase after it. I couldn't stand it any longer. "Please, Marvin, please let me suck it," I begged, "fuck my face, baby, please."

They were driving me wild. The two on my tits chewed, sucked and squeezed while I stroked their rods. The stud between my legs pounded his cock into my love hole like a jackhammer, filling my cavity. Now all I wanted was Marvin's hard, slab of black meat, shoved in my mouth and down my throat.

Marvin grinned as my naked body jumped and jerked uncontrollably beneath him. My right hand grew wet and sticky as one stud shot his load into it. He shoved his dick, and my hand, against my big tit, spreading cum all over it. I pumped his pecker, fucking my tit at the same time.

Marvin grinned down at me, as he rubbed his delicious cock across my cheeks and around my lips.

"You came here to sing happy sex games birthday to me," he said, "but you didn't hentai games finish doing it. So, why don't you sing first, role playing games then you can blow on my black candle."

I felt the first burst of warm cum splatter the inside of my cunt walls. The horny stud between my legs hammered his black cock into my pussy, filling up my love hole with hot spunk. I groaned and thrashed then felt my left hand fill with sticky jism as I jerked off the other brotha. He pointed his hard, black prick straight at me and I yanked his sloppy, wet dick, spraying cum all over my face and chest. My body convulsed in an orgasmic frenzy. I didn't know if I could sing for Marvin.

"Ha-happy birthday, to you...happy birthday to you..." I sang, as waves of role playing games pleasure pounded through my body sending me into spasms. "Ha-happy birthday, dear Mar-Marvin, oh, oh yea, fuck me," I screamed, then I regained this is an example some control.

"Ha-happy birthday, dear Marvin, please won't you fuck me today."

Marvin laughed, slipping his huge black dick between my lips. I gobbled every inch of it down my throat. I sucked his cock deep down, lapping that black beauty with my hot tongue.

I grunted and groaned, as he grabbed my hair and pumped my face up and down in his crotch. I tasted the first drops of his cum, as he pounded his dick faster and faster into my mouth.

Then, his cock exploded in my mouth. Huge gobs online games of jism filled my throat as I tried to gulp it all down. I swallowed as much as I could, but there was too much of this stud's spunk. My mouth filled and his warm love juice spilled out over my lips and onto my face. Marvin pounded my face up and down on his enormous, black poker, banging my head on the floor each time he shoved downward. He fucked my mouth till he emptied his dick into it. Finally, he pulled his limp prick out and held it above my face.

"Open wide," he said, smiling at me. I tilted my head back and stuck out my tongue toward his cock. He hentai games squeezed the last role playing games drops of cum juice out of his prick and onto my tongue. The big gobs rolled down into my mouth and I swallowed them. Marvin gave me the greatest face fucking I ever had.

I lay there exhausted as the four studs looked down at me. My body was soaked with sweat and cum. I felt like I had been rode hard and put away wet.

"Is the Lois Kubik doll broke yet?" asked Marvin.

"Uh-uh, Marvin," I said, smiling, "it's still your birthday, and I'm your present, and the party's just beginning."

I thought this answer was cute, since none of them could have much left in them, and the party really was over. But was I ever wrong.

The four black giants scooped me up and carried me down to the cellar. Once there, three of them held me while Marvin appeared adult games with some rope and a huge, 12 inch black dildo. They tied my hands behind my back then one of the studs took the dildo from Marvin and stepped up close to me. He inserted the head of that plastic dick in my love hole, then gave a shove that lifted me off the ground and made me cry out. He buried that black, toy prick 8 inches up inside my wet cunt.

Next, they made me kneel on a small stool in the middle of the cellar floor. They bound my ankles tightly together, while Marvin and another stud tied a piece of the rope around my tits. They wrapped it around each tit, then crossed over and tied it round the other tit, binding both of my boobs together. The tight ropes caused my jugs to swell so that my already huge melons looked like two giant basketballs on my body.

While Marvin and his friend tied my tits, another stud secured a piece of the rope to the portion of the black dildo sticking out of my snatch. Then, while two held me, the other two forced my legs up behind my back till my feet touched my hands. They told me to hold my feet, and I did it. I felt the rope go around my feet and hands, as they bound them tightly together.

Finished, they stepped back and admired their work. I was bound like a triangle. One of the black studs dragged a chair over role playing games next to me. He took the two long pieces of rope, one from the front of me and one from the rear, and climbed on the chair. He looped the ropes over a ceiling beam and pulled them tight, stretching my 42 inch hooters up in front of my face. He circled the ropes over the beam several more times, then fastened them securely. As he pulled the ropes tight one last time before getting down off the chair, I felt the dildo slide another inch up into my wet cunt.

I teetered on my kneecaps on the stool trussed up like a marionette with ropes running up to the ceiling beam. Marvin looked down at me with an evil grin on his face. He reached down between my legs and I heard a click. The dildo was a vibrator. The vibrations flowed through my wet pussy, driving me wild with pleasure. My head shook and my body began to move uncontrollably.

A second stud, with a dildo in one hand and a tube of jelly in the other, joined Marvin. He prodded my ass sex games till he found my anal opening, then he inserted the tube and squeezed. I felt cold jelly ooze up inside my ass. Next, he inserted the dildo and shoved it all the way up in. I heard the click, then felt the vibrations racing through my asshole and spreading out over my ass. Now I was in frenzy, going wild, vibrating front and rear.

"Look at this bitch," said Marvin, "getting fucked in her ass and her cunt by toy dicks, and she wants to dance."

With that, he put his foot on the leg of the stool and kicked it online games out from under me. My body dropped, but not far. The ropes pulled tight on the beam and held me suspended in the air. My tits stretched so far, I thought they would rip off my body. The last few inches of the dildo slammed up inside my pussy. The rope jammed the crack of my ass, running underneath me from the dildo in my pussy to where it tied my hands and feet. It held the butt fucking vibrator up inside me. Now all I could feel were the vibrations, front and back, and the rope stretching and pulling my whole body. I was in pain and ecstasy all at the same time, and I loved every minute of it.

"Let's see if you're ticklish," said Marvin, walking behind me. He tickled the soles of my feet, driving me crazy. My tits swelled up like balloons and turned color from the ropes. The other three studs found table tennis paddles, and took turns cracking them across my aching nipples and bare ass. The pain and pleasure all mixed into one. It was wonderful.

Finally, Marvin said, "Let's get dressed and get something to drink. Then hentai games we'll come back and play with my hentai games Lois Kubik doll."

I hung there, swinging back and forth, as they tromped upstairs laughing and talking. My pussy and ass vibrated everywhere, sending waves of pleasure through my body. My tits were swelled and stretched so huge, I wondered if they would ever go back to their normal size. But all I really cared about and hoped for was that Marvin and his friends would come back soon and play with me some more.

My boyfriend heard about my weekend with Marvin and his friends, and I never saw him again. But it doesn't really matter, because adult game  Marvin, his three buddies and I started a business together. Now every weekend, and sometimes during the week, I'm the present at a birthday party just like Marvins.


Pizza Parlor Pussy

by gbgood©

When I saw the help wanted sign in the pizza shop window, I decided to stop in and apply for the job. I knew I could use role playing games the extra money adult games  and I thought it might be fun. There was always a big bunch of black guys hanging out around the shop and my big white 42DD tits always attracted their attention which I didn't mind at all.

I ran a gauntlet of staring eyes and smiling black faces as I entered the shop. A little old man was behind the counter.

“Hi, my names Lois Kubik. I stopped in to see about that help wanted sign you have in the window. Are you still looking for someone adult game ?”

He motioned for me to have a seat at a table, then he wiped his hands off and joined me. The owner of the shop was sex games Raj Lhamphur. He was an older man who had moved to this country from India just one year ago. He told me he was looking to hire a younger girl so the black guys hanging out on the corner would come into the shop more often and buy food. Lucky for me that day I wore a thin white blouse and no bra. My tits showed through and Raj couldn't take his eyes off my big nipples.

“You got nice big tits and nipples, Lois. You like to show them?”

“Yea I do. And guys like to look at them.”

“I wanted to hire a young girl to get the black guys who online games are always on the corner outside to come in and buy food. But I got better idea, Lois. You show sex games off those nice big tits and maybe sometimes your pussy and those black guys will come in and buy. I will make money and you will have lots of fun working here.”

Raj had the biggest smile on his face, and I couldn't help grinning too. It sounded pretty good to me.

“Ok, Raj, when do I start?”

Raj glanced at all the black faces peering in through the front window, grinning and slobbering, eyeing my big white tits.

“You start tomorrow. I get you some nice outfits to wear while you work.”

“See you tomorrow, Raj,” I said, as I left. This should be fun I thought. I knew most of the black guys around here since I lived on the Northside. And I am an exhibitionist, so showing what I got will be fun. I was looking forward to my new job.

I arrived at the pizza shop at four o'clock the next afternoon to begin work. As soon as hentai games  walked through the door, Raj waved for me to come behind the counter and into the back of the store. He handed me a short skirt that buttoned down the front with three buttons and the bottom one was missing. There was no top for me to wear with it. The skirt barely covered my ass when I put it on.

“We gonna have topless pizza parlor, that will bring the black guys in,” he said grinning.

“Oh that will bring them in,” I said. And it might be fun I thought.

I opened my blouse, letting my big tits pop out and bounce online games around for Raj to see. I grinned as his eyes grew big and round like silver dollars. next Shaniquah's webcomicI slipped out of my slacks and started to put the skirt on.

“No, no. Take off your panties. No underwear. I want your pussy and ass to show under.”

“You are really gonna pack them in, Raj,” I said, peeling off my panties.

He grinned, nodding up and down as I stood there naked in front of him. I put on the skirt and got ready to role playing games go to work.

Raj went out front first then I followed him out. The shop was empty but eight young black studs were hanging hentai games on the corner outside. When hentai games they looked in and sex games aw my big white 42DD tits swinging free, the pizza shop filled up fast.

“Yo, Lois, give me a pizza supreme with some titty meat on it.”

“I'll take a cheese pizza and rub your big white tits all over it, baby.”

Raj stepped out front to get everyone's attention. “This is a topless pizza parlor now. Any customer don't get his order in five minutes gets to feel and suck Lois Kubik's tits.”

That announcement was followed by role playing games a big round of cheers. It was news to me. Not that I minded it. In fact, I kind of liked that idea and hoped Raj was a little slow on the baking.

Orders were being fired at me fast and furious. I was having trouble keeping track of them. Then I heard a gong go off in the back.

“Oh Oh,” Raj said, “the first order is late. Somebody gets a titty feel and suck.”

“Yea, that's me, that's me,” said a grinning young black stud, online games rubbing his fingers together. I smiled at him and walked out from hentai games behind the counter. He reached sex games up and grabbed both tits in his hands and began squeezing them. He rubbed his thumbs over my nipples making them hard. Next he leaned down and licked his tongue across my hentai games nipples as the guys shouted and cheered him on. Then he sucked one tit into his mouth and chewed while he squeezed and teased the other one. My body shuddered and I began to move. It felt great.

Another gong went off, and I heard Raj shouting.

“Late again. Next customer get to feel and suck Lois Kubik's big tittys.”

“Yo, thas Me, thas me man. Give me some of them big fuckin tits.”

A second set of black hands took over my other tit and began to squeeze and pull. He licked his tongue over my nipple then clamped down on my tit taking almost all of it inside his mouth. He crushed with his hands and chewed with his teeth, while the first stud kept playing and sucking. Both of them drove me wild. Then a third gong sounded.

“Very late again. Customer number three get a titty suck and feel from Lois Kubik,” shouted Raj. He grinned as the young black studs in the shop adult games cheered. More of them ordered pizzas knowing he was already behind on the five minute limit. That made my tits a sure thing for them.

The third young black stud stepped in front of me and I recognized my neighbor, Paul. He lived just down the street from me.

“What's up Lois? It's my turn now. Unless you got a third tit somewhere, I'm gonna have to find something else to grab hold of.”

Paul reached down and ran his hands along my skirt. He grinned at me as he fingered the buttons. I knew hentai games what he had in mind. At that adult game  moment my tits felt so great, I didn't really care. He took hold of the buttons and ripped them off my skirt. The skirt fell to the floor and I stood there naked with a pizza shop full of young black studs going wild and ordering more pizzas from Raj.

Paul grabbed my pussy and spread it wide open, shoving his fingers up inside. He found my clit and began to tickle it, driving me crazy. The gong went off again.

“Another customer for Lois Kubik's tits and pussy,” Raj shouted, but no one paid attention this time. Sixteen black hands were all over my body and I was swept up off the floor and onto a table in the middle of the pizza shop. All of a sudden, I was the main course on the menu.

I was spread out on the round table with my legs pulled apart and my pussy lips peeled wide open. I felt six or eight fingers up inside my pussy playing with me, squeezing and tickling my clit and driving me crazy. Black hands were everywhere, teasing my body and using me for their toy. I was loving it.

My arms and legs were pinned, and strong hands on either side flopped me role playing games over onto my belly on the table. My neighbor, Paul, came around behind me and slapped my bare ass.

“We gonna have some fun now, Lois. I'm gonna deliver some pizza to your back door then I'm gonna give you a pizza butt fuck, bitch.“

Paul laughed as the rest of the black studs yelled and cheered. In the background, I heard a gong and Raj called out my name. I knew he was yelling sex games another customer for Lois Kubik's tits and pussy. But all our customers already had my tits and pussy and I was loving it.

A grinning Raj brought a large supreme pizza over to the table and held it out. It was cut into eight pieces, one for each black stud on me. Paul reached out and took one piece off the tray. He put his hand under my pussy and lifted my ass into the air. I saw grins on the black faces round the table as several hands spread online games my ass cheeks wide open. Then I felt the warm wet dough slide up the crack of my ass. Mushrooms, peppers, anchovies, cheese and red sauce filled the crack of my ass as he smeared it back and forth. He wiped off all the spices on the pizza crust, then took another piece and this time concentrated on my butt hole. The guys, holding my ass cheeks, dug their fingernails into my ass and spread it wider. Paul took the second pizza slice and pressed it tight into my ass hole. He squeezed the mushrooms and peppers into my hole then forced the mozzarella cheese and red sauce into my ass hole also. next he shoved some warm wet dough up inside, making sucking sounds, as he twisted and ground it up in there. I could feel it mixing all up in me.

Raj stood holding the pizza and watching the whole show. I think he was enjoying it more than the black guys doing it to me.

Then Paul put his hands round my legs and I felt his big black cock as he slid it up the crack of my ass. His cockhead gathered juice and wet vegetables as he moved it up my ass crack. When he reached my butt hole, he let his cockhead linger there rubbing round and round making me want it inside me more.

As Paul played with my ass, a young black stud stood in front of me. He held the back of my head by a handful of my hair. Grinning down at me, I heard the slow rip of his zipper as he pulled it down and watched him reach in and spread his shorts open. His thick black meat fell out of his pants, slapping me on the face as he pulled his balls out with it. Him and the others laughed as he adult game  pressed sex games my head between his legs, rubbing his black cock and balls all over my white face.

“Sniff it, Lois, smell it good. You love smelling black cocks and balls bitch.“

Just then Paul drove his cock into my asshole. I started to shout, but choked, as the stud in front rammed his cock into my mouth and down my throat. Paul pounded his cock up my ass and the pizza sauce and soft wet vegetables helped slide it in till he was deep in my ass. I felt his balls slapping my pussy as he pounded my butt hole.

The guy in front grabbed both my ears and rammed his cock down my throat. He gripped my ears tight and pumped his hips, fucking my mouth like it was a white pussy. I was stuffed with black cocks from both ends and I was loving it. Raj and all the rest watched and cheered.

My head snapped back as the young black stud pumped his hips hard into my face smashing my nose with hentai games the flat of his black stomach. Paul's Sociolotron hands spread my ass and legs, opening my ass hole for his cock to thrust deep. They were pumping together and I looked like an accordion being squeezed and crushed with each push of their bodies. With my mouth wrapped around the young role playing games black cock in front of me, Paul would slam his cock up and into my ass, driving my body forward forcing me to swallow more of that thick black cock. At that moment, the young black stud would hump his hips and thrust his cock deep into my mouth jerking my head backward and smashing my nose into his belly with his balls slapping my chin and throat. His whole cock would ram down my throat till my mouth was filled with black meat and cock hair and my lips were pressed against his crotch. Then they adult games would pull back and do it to me again. Over and over ass to mouth they speared me with big black cocks, and I loved it.

“Fuck her face, man, fuck her till she chokes to death on your black dick.“

“Fuck her ass, Paul, fuck her till you split her white ass.“

I could hear Raj over it all yelling too. “Yea, fuck Lois Kubik, fuck her up her ass. Fuck Lois Kubik's face. Who wants pizza?“

My big white 42DD tits slapped the table top as Paul and the black stud in front of me got their rhythm together. Ass fuck, hentai games face fuck, table tit slapping, ass fuck , face fuck, table tit slapping, it was all feeling good and I was loving it. So was everyone else.

Finally, the stud in front of me blew his load big time in my mouth. His thick online games load of cum gushed out as his cock was down my throat and my eyes crossed as I tried swallowing it all to keep from choking. I gulped it down trying to clear my throat so I could breathe. Then I felt Paul explode up my ass. He lifted my one leg and pounded his cock harder as he emptied it into my ass. Finally, he slowed down and I felt his cock slide out of my ass.

“Damn, bitch,” Paul said, “I always thought you would be a good butt fuck but I didn't know how good you would be.“

I was up on the table with my knees up under me and my ass up in the air, my tits and arms down on the table top, and I lay on the right cheek of my face looking back at Paul and smiling.

He rubbed his hand on my bare ass and said, “I'll let the brothas down round Woodland street know what a good butt fuck you are, Lois, so they can stop in and tap that white ass and all your other holes too. I know you will like that won't you, Lois?“

“Yea, Paul, I'll like that,” I said, grinning.

“She's all your boys, I'm outta here, aight” he said, cracking my bare ass with his hand and walking away.

“Let's fuck this bitch,” someone yelled.

Then they all jumped in line to take their turn on me.

“Pizzas ready,” shouted Raj, “who wants pizza while you waiting to fuck Lois Kubik?“

For the rest of the evening, the young black studs took turns Shaniquah's webcomicfeeding me their cocks and pounding them into my ass and pussy. I never got off that table all evening long. Raj was sex games happy. he made a lot of money selling pizza to those young black studs waiting their turn on me that night.

Finally the young studs finished with me and left. It was almost time to close. I was still laying on the table when Raj brought out a broom and reminded me to sweep up before I left for the night. He walked over and looked down at me on the table then grinned at me, and somehow I knew what was coming.

Raj stepped up to my head and I looked up at him. He began to unbuckle his pants.

“No use wasting this, Lois, since you are still naked and laying on the table. And Raj would like it so much.“

He unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. His cock was large and thick and deep black.

“God, Raj, I didn't know Indian men had black cocks.“

“Oh yes, and some even blacker than mine.” He moved closer and rubbed his cock all over my face. He climbed up on the table, kneeling over role playing games my face. He let his balls settle down over both my eyes then rubbed his shaft over my nose while he traced my lips with his cock head. I couldn't help myself. I began to lick his cock and suck on it slowly. As I tasted his cock, I felt it grow hard. He reached down and pressed my forehead down making my mouth open automatically. He shoved his cock into my mouth, then sat on my face so I was staring up at his ass and my nose was up in his ass crack.

He began to move, riding my face and bouncing up and down pumping his cock deeper into online games my throat. As he hentai games fucked my mouth, he used my nose to tickle his ass hole. He was good at it. Each time he seemd like he would cum, he managed to hold back and keep from shooting his load. Then he would start all over again. Raj rode my face for over 30 minutes before he finally let himself go. And when adult games he did, he dumped the biggest load of cum in my mouth I have ever swallowed. He filled my mouth three times before he was through. I thought I would choke, but I took it all down. I was cock whipped when Raj finished with me.

I lay on the table exhausted, looking up at him.

“God, Raj, you are something else. I didn't think you was ever going to get done.“

“Not finished yet, Lois. The help always cleans up when done.“

Raj reached down and grabbed me by my hair, pulling my head till it was hanging off the table. Holding my head down and forcing my mouth open, he stepped close and shoved his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat. His cock stiffened slightly, then I felt the first taste of warm sour liquid rolling down my throat. Raj had just gotten a good blow job from me and before hentai games leaving for the night he had to take a piss so he was using me as his toilet. Just like his cum, Raj could hold a lot of piss in him too. He stuffed his cock way down my throat, so I had no choice but to swallow it all or choke on it. I gulped mouthful after mouthful as he kept blasting it out and down into my belly.

Finally the liquid slowed down and I slurped the last few drops. He slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth then shook it over my open mouth adult game  sending the last drops splattering onto my tongue. I lay there taking big gulps of air and licking my tongue over my lips.

Raj pulled up his pants and zippered and buckled them. He picked up the broom and dropped it across my tits.

“Sweep up before you leave, Lois, it's your job. More black studs will hear about you and come tomorrow. We will make lots of money.“

They did hear and more did come. And role playing games  more the day after that, and more the day after and many more after that. The pizza parlor prospered and Raj was happy, and the sex games black studs in the hood were happy. As for me, well, god I love my job.


My Paperboy

by gbgood©

It was 10:00 A.M. when I looked out the door to make sure my tiny back yard was empty and there was no one in the alley behind my house. All clear. I popped out the door onto the back porch. I was naked, carrying an armload of potted plants to put on the porch railing. I often spend time around the house naked. I like it that way. Going in and out doors sometimes giving a free peek is part of the fun.

Tires screeched and a horn blew three times in the alley. Lining up the plants on the railing, I glanced up and saw my paperboy. Twenty years a paperboy was a 12 or 13 year old boy delivering newspapers to earn extra money. How times have changed. Today, adults deliver the papers. My paperboy's name is Jerome, 21 years old and 6 feet tall with a fabulous body black as coal. He lives on the next street over from me.

With his car stopped in the middle of Ancy alley, Jerome sat behind the wheel grinning at me. A young black male I didn't recognize sat in the passenger seat, staring and smiling. Jerome honked the horn three more times. I finished putting down the plants, then smiled and waved at them. I felt super that these young black studs were staring at my big white tits and pussy.

Just then, the newspaper sailed up over the top of the car and landed in the yard. That role playing games was when I decided to put on a show. They had already seen my naked body, so now I wanted to give them a good look. I was hoping for some fun.

I walked down the porch steps, my big 42DD tits bouncing and bobbing with each move. Waving and grinning at Jerome and his passenger, I strolled down the walk till I reached where the paper lay. I bent over to pick it up, my big tits dangling toward the ground. I heard a car door slam and glanced up in time to see Jerome and his passenger coming through the gate into my yard.

"Hey, Ms Kubik, you are looking good, baby," said Jerome, as they online games walked quickly toward me. They stared at my nipples almost brushing the ground. I picked up the paper then smiled at them and straightened up.

"You making a special delivery today, Jerome?"

"I sure am, baby," he said, sliding up beside me and wrapping his arm round my waist. He slowly slid his hand up my belly till his hentai games black fingers closed round my big tit. Slipping behind me, he clutched my free tit with his other hand and squeezed and pinched my nipples. He pressed tight up against my back, and I could feel his stiff cock inside his pants poking against my bare ass. It felt so good.

"Ummmmmmm, I always knew your big white tits would feel good, Lois."

His friend stood for a moment, staring at me and grinning. He was tall as Jerome and his body was even blacker. His young muscles rippled adult game  as he stepped forward and slid his hand over my love mound. He spread my white pussy lips and poked his black fingers up inside. He rubbed his finger over my clit, then squeezed it between his thumb and finger. My pussy grew hot and wet in a heartbeat.

"Lois, this is my cousin, Lavarr. He's going be staying with me for the summer."

Jerome lifted my tit as Lavarr leaned his head down and licked my nipple with his tongue. I moaned, feeling the force of his lips as he sucked my nipple adult games into sex games his mouth. He closed his mouth, biting gently on my breast.

"Lavarr, this big titty white bitch is Lois Kubik. She gonna be our best customer. Ain't you, Lois?"

"Oh yea, Jerome, I'll be the best for you and Lavarr. Just keep playing, guys, please keep playing. Please don't stop."

"Why Lois Kubik, are you begging the brothas to play with your big white tits and pussy?"

"Oh yea, Jerome, I'm begging. Please don't stop."

"You a bad bitch, Lois. We going to have to teach you a lesson. What you say, Lavarr, how bout we punish this bad bitch?"

The thought of punishment made me cream my pussy even more. I love a mean bad ass black stud punishing me.

"Yea, I think Lois needs a good whippin," said Lavarr, as he turned me sideways and cracked my bare ass with his hand.

"Ow, that hurt."

They both laughed as twice more my buns shook from the slap of Lavarr's hard hand on my bare ass. My fleshy cheeks burned and stung.

"Oh yea, Lois, you be bad. Bouncing round role playing games outside bare online games ass naked. You want the brothas to get you don't you? Well now we got you. And Lavarr and me don't let go when we got us a white slut and slave."

"Oh yea, paperboy, I'll be your slut and slave."

Jerome slid his hands down my belly and probed his fingers deep into my wet pussy while Lavarr sucked and squeezed my tits harder and harder.

"Let's take this slut in the house, Lavarr."

Jerome released me while Lavarr took his lips and hands off my tits and straightened up. I turned toward the house when hentai games Jerome spoke, "Yo Lois, before we go in I sex games got a job for you. I left my keys in my car and I want you to get them for me."

I looked at his car parked out in the alley behind my house then down at my big white 42DD tits bobbing round in front of me.

"That’s right, baby, walk your naked ass out into Ancy Alley and lock my car, then bring me my keys. I'll hold that," he said, reaching over and taking the paper out of my hand.

Lavarr started laughing. "Yea, make the shemale bitch walk out into the alley. Make her walk up and down in it. Let's make her show Shaniquah's webcomicthem big white tits and pussy off in the hood."

I heard Lavarr's evil laugh once again, and I knew I was going to have fun.

"Yes, master," I said smiling, then I turned and walked toward the gate. I glanced back at Jerome and Lavarr, grinning and watching me.

"Get your ass out there, bitch, and do what I told you to do."

I pulled the gate open and walked out into Ancy Alley. I glanced up and down the alley. There was nobody in it but me, and I didn’t see any of my neighbors adult games out in their back yards. Maybe I really wanted them out and looking. Across the alley is a school with a big yard surrounded by a fence. I was glad there were no kids playing in the school yard today. I hustled around the car to the driver’s side and opened the door. Hopping in behind the wheel, I pulled the keys out of the ignition.

I looked around to see if anybody was coming. The alley was still empty. I climbed out and scooted around the back of the car through the gate and back beside Jerome.

"Oh yea, I like watching Lois running round naked in the alley and maybe out in the street too. How bout it, Lavarr, you like that to?"

Lavarr grinned, grabbing my ass and digging his strong black fingers in hard. Suddenly, he reached over and slapped my tit and then the other. "Ow," I shouted, grabbing them as they bounced up and down, stinging from his slap. Lavarr and Jerome laughed at me.

I still held Jerome's keys as I fondled my sore breasts. He took his keys out of my hand then grabbed the back of my hair and walked me toward the porch. My big tits flopped up and down as we went up the steps and into my kitchen.

Jerome pushed me down face first on the kitchen table, crushing my big tits . "Stay there," he ordered. I heard the newspaper crinkle as he rolled it up tight.

Crack! "Ouch," I screamed, feeling the sting as the paper smacked my bare ass. "Ouch, that hurts. Please stop."

They laughed out loud and held me down as Jerome pounded the rolled up paper online games on my ass over and over again. He pinned my legs with his body and put one hand under me grabbing a handful of pussy hair. Lavarr squeezed my tits and laid the upper half of his body over my head and back. I was their prisoner and couldn't move. Jerome hentai games cracked role playing games my bare ass ten, fifteen, twenty times. Now I knew what a puppy felt like when his master used a paper to punish him.

Finally, Jerome pulled me to my feet and turned me around then started smacking my bare tits with the paper. My boobs bounced and I jumped adult game as he slapped them over and over. When I tried to cover them with my hands, he smacked my face with the paper.

"You don't cover them tits, bitch. They mine. I play with them or beat them whatever I want you understand?"


Lavarr stepped up close behind me wrapping his arms around me and grabbing my tits. His black hands tightened round my white flesh forcing my nipples to enlarge and expand. They became a perfect target for the paper. Lavarr held them out while Jerome brought the edge of the paper down on them again and again. A dozen more times he cracked my nipples with the paper until they turned bright red.

"Please, Jerome, please. my boobs hurt. Please stop."

He finally threw the paper down as Lavarr let go of my tits. I rubbed my sore nipples but Jerome slapped my hands away. He grabbed them in his adult games black sex games hands, squeezing them tight and bending them upward. He squeezed and pulled lifting me up on my tip toes. It hurt, but I loved the pain. It was like an orgasm for me.

As Jerome tortured my tits, Lavarr ripped off his shirt then unsnapped his pants and pulled down the zipper. His huge black snake jumped out of his pants, making my mouth water. He stepped out of his pants, his coal black, muscular body making him look like a god.

Lavarr stepped up behind me once again, his fingernails digging into my ass cheeks. Still holding my tits, Jerome pulled me down gamesand bent me over. Lavarr ripped my cheeks apart and I felt the fleshy head of his cock probing my ass hole. Lavarr found my opening, then thrust hard driving four or five inches of cock into my ass. Jerome let go of my big tits as Lavarr's cock slammed deep into my ass.

"Ow," I screamed, as his thick black meat split my ass open. I felt it wiggle then plunge deeper as he slammed against me. I hollered louder as he got into a rhythm, pounding his black cock further up into white my ass while his black balls slapped between my legs. My body lurched as he pumped faster, fucking my ass as hard as he could.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh." My big tits shook with every plunge of his cock. I loved having Lavarr ream my ass with his thick black cock.

"Yea, Lavarr, pump that wood up her ass," laughed Jerome.

I felt the skin of Lavarr's cock sliding faster as he rammed it deeper in me. He pulled my hair, yanking my head back and riding my ass. Then Jerome zipped open his pants and his black meat popped out. I stared at his huge black tool at least 10 inches long and thick as a piece of salami. He rubbed his cock all over my face while Lavarr kept humping my ass. Then Jerome took my chin in his hand and slid that beautiful black bone into my mouth. It tasted great. I love the salty flavor and taste of a big hard sweaty black cock.

"Uhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh." My whole body shook as Lavarr fucked the shit out of me, and Jerome rolled his cock round inside my mouth. Suddenly, I felt Lavarr's cum splash all over inside my ass hole. It was so good. He kept pounding his black cock in my back door and his thick gooey jism filled my ass hole. He finally finished and online games pulled his limp, wet dick out of my ass. He still held my hair, pulling my head backward. Just then. Jerome popped his black meat out of my mouth.

Lavarr yanked on my hair, toppling me over till I sat on my ass on the floor. He squatted and pulled my hair hentai games one more time and I role playing games was flat on the floor on my back. He looked up and smiled at Jerome.

"Looking good, Lavarr, looking good"

He dropped down tearing my legs apart and kneeling between them. "That's where I'm going, baby. I wanna fill your white pussy with my big thick black dick"

He rolled his big, hard black cock over my pussy then slipped his fingers inside my love hole and spread my pussy lips wide open. He leaned forward and I felt his cock head penetrate my pussy and slide inside me as he grinned down at me. Suddenly, he lunged, driving his thick black cock deep inside my pussy.

"Oh Jerome, that's wonderful," I said.

He began moving his hips slowly, then faster and faster. His balls slapped between my legs, as he pounded his thick cock into my wet love hole. My big tits bounced and shook as he slammed his dick harder, sinking deeper with every thrust.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, yea baby, yea."

Lavarr stood over me laughing and Jerome grinned down at me as his big dick sunk deeper with each lunge. He pounded me violently and I knew he was getting ready to shoot his cum load deep inside me. His thick cock filled my pussy driving me wild. I was ready to cum.

"Harder, harder, faster baby, please faster, oh yea, oh yea"

We exploded together. I felt his thick cum spray inside me and mingle with my love juice. He finished shooting his spunk into me then pulled his wet dick adult games out of my sex games cunt. He climbed on top of me, moving up until he sat over my face, leaving a path of wet cum up my belly and between my tits. He took his wet cock in his hand and squeezed out some thick drops of cum, rubbing it on my forehead and cheeks. Then he rubbed his cock head, oozing cum out the slit, over my lips and spread the thick liquid around. I flicked my tongue out, licking the cum off my lips and tickling his cock head.

Grinning, Jerome said, "You got some serious sucking to do, Lois."

He poked his limp dick into my mouth and I licked my tongue all over it, cleaning off his cum. Using my tongue, I sucked and licked and played adult game with his thick black cock. Jerome sat up on my face with his legs over my shoulders, pinning my arms straight out to the sides. He ground his crotch into my face, forcing his cock further down my throat. I breathed deep the odor of his sweaty cock and balls. It smelled so wonderful.

"Ummmm," I moaned. It was all I could say. My mouth was stuffed full with his cock and I couldn't get it out until he let me. His black meat tasted so good. In just a few minutes, Jerome's cock began to grow and harden in my mouth. I tasted his cock head going down my throat and felt like I was choking. His dick was now rock hard and filled my mouth and throat.

Jerome twisted and bounced on my face. He pounded his big black cock down my throat, fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. I choked and gagged, but couldn't stop him.

"Suck it, bitch, suck it," he yelled, cramming it further down as he bounced harder on my face. He online games grabbed my hair and pulled upward as he rode my face. Finally, I tasted his first drops of cum.

Suddenly, his cock exploded. Thick liquid spewed out of his cock and down my throat. I gulped it down, trying not to choke on it. His dick pumped out a big load of cum. Finally, it stopped and I sucked out the last cum drops and swallowed them. His dick shriveled up and he slipped it over my lips and out of my mouth. He shifted, laying his black cock and balls over my white face.

"I always thought you would be a good cock sucker, Lois. And you are," he said, grinning at me. "I love a woman who gives a great blow job so I'm going to let you do that a lot for me from now on."

"Sounds good to me, Jerome. Cause your cock sure tastes good."

He laughed out loud as I smiled up at him. He rose up, letting me get my arms out of his legs. Then he slid back and sat on my belly. He squeezed role playing games my tits in his hands and pulled them straight up.

"Ow," I shouted, rising off the floor as he twisted and hentai games  tortured my tits. He yanked them out to the sides, stretching them as far as they would go. I whimpered adult games as the pain seared through my tits.

Lavarr unbuckled his belt and took it off. He squatted down next to me as Jerome let go of my boobs and grabbed online games my hands. He wrapped his belt round my tits and pulled it through the buckle. He pulled hard, crushing my tits together as he tightened the belt around them.

"Ow, that hurts. Please, Lavarr, please stop."

My tits turned red and blew up in size like two small basketballs. Lavarr buckled the belt then pulled me to my feet with it. Jerome and Shaniquah's webcomic Lavarr laughed at my huge crushed tits, sex games then started cracking them with their hands. They took turns on me. One would slap my bare ass while the other beat on my tits. Then they would change places.

"Stop, please stop. you're hurting me."

"You want us to stop, bitch?" asked Jerome.

"Yes please, it hurts."

"If you want us to stop beating you, then you must want me to do something else to you. Do you?"

"Yes, please, anything else. Please."

"What you think we should do with her, Lavarr?"

Lavarr grinned his evil smile at me. "Lets take the slut along with us and let her deliver the rest of the papers. Show them white tits and pussy round the hood."

"I like that," said Jerome.

He grabbed my hair as Lavarr pulled on the belt and they dragged me out the door, down the steps and through the back yard and alley to adult game Jerome's car. Lavarr climbed in the back seat and pulled me in beside him. When I didn't get in fast enough, he yanked on the leather belt pulling me through the door. Then he hauled me up until I was sitting on the seat next to him. He held the belt like Sociolotronit was my leash, making me obey him by yanking and pulling on it. Jerome jumped in front behind the steering wheel.

"Ok, bitch," he said grinning at me in the rear view mirror, "you get to be our paper girl for a day."

He started the car and drove the short distance to the end of the alley then stopped before pulling out into the street.

"Yo, Jerome, what the fuck. Who that big titty bitch?"

"Holy shit, look at her tits."

There were four of them, young black studs and members of a hentai games local street gang, hanging out role playing games on the online games corner at the end of the alley. All of them were my neighbors. Lavarr adult games tugged on my leash, pulling me up so they could get a good look at me.

Jerome smiled. "Yo, man, don't you know your neighbor Lois Kubik?"

"Yea, we know her. Hey Lois, nice tits bitch. How that pussy look?"

Lavarr pulled on the belt lifting me up off the seat and showing my pussy to them.

"Damn, you got some fine tits and pussy, Ms Kubik."

"Shit, Lois, you a fine bitch when you naked."

"How bout it, Jerome, give her to us and we get her sliding on some big black poles."

"Later guys," Jerome said laughing. "She's gonna help us deliver papers now. But you can have her when we get done. Hang loose, adult game bro, we be back soon sex games ."

They busted out laughing.

"No shit, you gonna let Lois deliver papers with her big tits and pussy hanging out? Your customers are going to love you Jerome."

"I know they will."

"That's for sure."

"Got to go, bro. you guys keep them dicks hard for her."

"Aight Jerome. We do that."

The four young black men sauntered back to the corner. Their smiles and hand motions showed they were talking about my big tits and what they planned to do with them.

"You got a big night ahead of you, baby. Them four going to turn you inside out and upside down. They gonna keep you lap dancing and dick licking all night long."

"Oh you can bet they will do that," I said, "but that's ok cause I love dancing. Specially on a stud's lap."

I smiled at Jerome and he grinned back. Then he gunned the motor and pulled out onto Shadeland Street. I grabbed a paper, rolled online games it up and hung my big tits out the window getting ready to throw. We rolled slowly down Shadeland Street past the corner where the young studs made humping signs at me and yelled, "Bring those big tits and pussy back soon, Jerome."

Jerome blew the horn and waved at them as we rolled though the intersection and on down Shadeland. He drifted near the curb role playing games on the right and pointed to a house. I tossed the paper up into the yard. Next he pulled across the street and I tossed the paper over the roof of the car and hit a tree in the yard.

"Don't mess the paper up bitch, I'll make you go up and get it."

"I'll be careful, Jerome."

Jerome drove the car slowly from one side of the street to the other while hentai games I tossed the papers out at the homes he pointed to. In a few minutes, we reached the end of the street.

"You doing good, Lois. You make a good paper girl yet."

I grinned at Jerome. Yea, I make a good naked papergirl I thought. He continued driving around the neighborhood. Street after street he weaved slowly back and forth as I leaned out the window naked and tossed the papers into yards or onto porches. Each street had a few people out, mostly older men or young guys working in their yards or hanging out on their porches. They all waved and smiled at me, and a few adult games who knew me yelled for me to shake my tits again for them. I did.



Lois Kubik (Nock, Graduation year 10980, Oliver High School)
After delivering papers to almost a dozen streets, Jerome turned onto Woodland Avenue and drove back and forth up the street as I adult game hurled papers out of the car. Finally, we sex games pulled up in front of my next door neighbor's house. Calvin was out trimming his shrubbery. He's an older black man in his sixties who still has an eye for the women. I thought his eyes would pop out as he saw me winding up to throw him his paper. He walked over to the car window.

"Now that's how I like my paper delivered. Lois you got some fine tits and pussy."

"Thank you, Calvin."

"How you doing, Jerome? I like the partner you got delivering papers."

"Hey, Calvin, yea she do a good job. How would you like seeing those big white tits and pussy bringing your paper round every day?"

"I'd like that real well, Jerome. Yes sir, I'd like it real well."

"I'm sure Lois won't mind if you drop by her house for a free look will you, Lois?"

"I won't mind at all, Calvin. You come by anytime."

"I'll do that," he said, as they all laughed.

Jerome pulled away from the curb and up to the intersection. He turned left and honked at the young role playing games  black studs waiting on the corner beside role playing games the store. He swung the car into the alley and pulled to a stop at the back of my house. The four young black guys followed us down the alley and hentai games pulled my door open almost before the car stopped. They online games dragged my bare ass out of the car and around the front and through my gate.

"Yo, guys," called Jerome.

They turned me around, squeezing my tits and playing with my pussy, as they listened to Jerome.

"Don't fuck her up too bad, she going to be my new paper girl."

"No shit, Jerome. She delivering papers showing her big tits and pussy?"

"That's aight."

"So you got a new job, Ms Kubik? You the new papergirl? Cause I think I'll be getting the paper if you are."

"Yea, I'm going to be Jerome's papergirl from now on."

We all laughed as the young studs hustled me into the house. Oh well, like I said paperboys and papergirls are not what they used to be. But it still can be fun. I really think I'm going to keep this job.